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Clients who need your services: Ok, they need to know about you and your credentials but only as they apply to what you can do for them. Emphasize the results they can expect and the value you add. Testimonials and client lists can add an air of credibility but don't bury your site in them. Be sure you answer the question of "why should I hire you?"

Avoid the techie trap. Unless you should visit this website is an online portfolio for web design services you do not need to use every bell and whistle in the designer's bag. An overload of videos, audio, and flash animation is not only distracting but can make your site slow to load and have people clicking away in no time.

Make your site easy on the eyes. First chose colors and fonts that are easy to read. If a significant portion of your client base is over forty, consider larger fonts. Keep your brand consistent by using the same colors and logos online that you use in your printed materials. Use layouts that are logical. People who are online a lot grow accustomed to finding the tabs in certain locations and some standard items like an about us and contact us components. Get some extra eyes on your site before you go live. There's no substitute for good proofreading.

rigging course

A course is something that is very valuable to people who want to get involved in the construction, mining and transport industries, as it is used in heavy equipment training. To be able to do this professionally takes skill, and one has to have the right training to be able to perform what needs to be done.

There are a lot of job opportunities for people who have trained in rigging, and as they can service transport, construction and mining industries, there is hardly shortage of jobs. To be able to land those jobs, one must have the proper training from a reputable school. The courses that are offered have to ensure that one gets the basis of rigging, and it should include both theory and practical lessons. The practical lessons are extremely valuable in getting the trainees to be comfortable with the work hands on, so they get comfortable in performing the tasks that they need to do.

working at heights

According to official UK government statistics, there were 43 fatalities and more than 6681 serious injuries resulting from falls from height accidents between April 2010 and March 2011. While the majority of these accidents were classified as falls by workers, many of them were also caused by falling tools and equipment. The most up to date reported data specifically related to falling objects were 15 fatalities and more than 3323 serious injuries between April 2008 and March 2009.

To mitigate the risk of serious injuries and deaths, the working at heights 2005 were introduced. They were amended again in 2007 with some slight changes. These regulations strictly govern how work at height is managed, covering but limited risk assessment, planning, supervising, inspection, and record-keeping. Where tools and objects are concerned, the regulations specifically state that "where it is necessary to prevent injury, you must do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent anything falling." This includes all hand tools workers may use at height.

shop mannequins

There's been a certain amount of snide comment recently that shop mannequins have been getting a bit more, shall we say, sexy? The suggestion is that there has been a move towards using the shop fittings to market the goods more aggressively while also being far more flexible in how they are used. While I have to say I've not noticed any mannequins being any more flirty than usual, outside of 1980s Hollywood fantasy films, I have noticed that the general displays and fittings on my high street are aimed at focussing your attention on the goods rather than on the shop.

It used to be in some shops that display units were as much about the brand of the shop that you were in as what they were selling. Display cases might be marked with shop logos, or aspirational images hung from wall mounts. With the recession, less money was available however, and with the sometimes furious turnaround rate on rentals in shopping centres and high streets, demand seems to have refocused on shop fittings that are practical, low cost - and crucially that can adapt or enhance the use of technology to streamline queues, draw people in, or process payments.

rigging training

rigging training gives you some of the most important skills you need to learn when operating heavy machinery. The safety comes first and foremost when you are an operator, as you may know. Properly learning how to rig heavy machinery can prevent hazardous accidents from happening, thousand of dollars in damages, and law suits and job loss. It is a crucial part of the training you should get when you're going to be a heavy machines operator, and one of the first things any company will teach you.

As a heavy machine operator, you have many duties and a lot of things can go wrong. This is why you must have a lot of training to ensure that you are qualified for the position. There are many things that can go wrong while operating heavy machinery, and rigging training aims to cover all of the areas that could possibly go wrong.

sponsored reviews

If you've ever wondered how to use that power to your business' advantage, you're not alone. Businesses around the world use blogging in some way to increase their exposure and their sales. Many businesses have their own blogs, while others simply read blogs as a way of conducting market research.

One of the most controversial uses of blogs in business is buying blog reviews. The concept is simple enough: good reviews on other people's blogs means positive increases in your business. To gain some credibility and a loyal following, some businesses pay for bloggers to write glowing reviews about them.

Paying for blog reviews is not only about building brand recognition and exposure. It's also about gaining links and dominating the search engine results for your particular keywords.

Is buying blog reviews ethical? It depends on who you ask and how you go about it. If you are purchasing links to your site outright, you will be flagged and penalized by the search engines. This is a prohibited practice that can have extremely negative implications for you. However, if you are experiencing challenges in building brand awareness or in getting honest opinions from consumers, sponsored reviews may give you the break that you need.

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