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Clients who need your services: Ok, they need to know about you and your credentials but only as they apply to what you can do for them. Emphasize the results they can expect and the value you add. Testimonials and client lists can add an air of credibility but don't bury your site in them. Be sure you answer the question of "why should I hire you?"

Avoid the techie trap. Unless you should visit this website is an online portfolio for web design services you do not need to use every bell and whistle in the designer's bag. An overload of videos, audio, and flash animation is not only distracting but can make your site slow to load and have people clicking away in no time.

Make your site easy on the eyes. First chose colors and fonts that are easy to read. If a significant portion of your client base is over forty, consider larger fonts. Keep your brand consistent by using the same colors and logos online that you use in your printed materials. Use layouts that are logical. People who are online a lot grow accustomed to finding the tabs in certain locations and some standard items like an about us and contact us components. Get some extra eyes on your site before you go live. There's no substitute for good proofreading.

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