shop mannequins

There's been a certain amount of snide comment recently that shop mannequins have been getting a bit more, shall we say, sexy? The suggestion is that there has been a move towards using the shop fittings to market the goods more aggressively while also being far more flexible in how they are used. While I have to say I've not noticed any mannequins being any more flirty than usual, outside of 1980s Hollywood fantasy films, I have noticed that the general displays and fittings on my high street are aimed at focussing your attention on the goods rather than on the shop.

It used to be in some shops that display units were as much about the brand of the shop that you were in as what they were selling. Display cases might be marked with shop logos, or aspirational images hung from wall mounts. With the recession, less money was available however, and with the sometimes furious turnaround rate on rentals in shopping centres and high streets, demand seems to have refocused on shop fittings that are practical, low cost - and crucially that can adapt or enhance the use of technology to streamline queues, draw people in, or process payments.

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